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Mining machine power supply


Product name: 1600W Bit coin Mining Machine




---Name: Power supply for mining machine

---Size: 260x130x55mm

---Cable Length: 39 cm

---Connectors: 6 PIN X 10 Pcs

---Number of Interfaces:10

---Fit For: S9(12.5T/13T/13.5T) S7 Ant Series Mining Machine

---Voltage Range: AC 176~264 V

---Input Rated Voltage: AC 200~240 V

---Starting Inrush Current: 80 A

---Maximum Input Current: 10 A

---Efficiency: 92%

---Output Rated Voltage:DC 12.25 V

---Load Regulation: ≤±2%

---Linear Regulation: ≤±1%

---Rated Output Power: 1800W(Max)

---Output Current: 0~130 A

---Output Ripple And Noise: 180 mVp-p

---Drive And Shut Down Overshoot Range: ≤±5%

---Rise Time: 100 ms(230 V rated load test)

---Boot Time: 3 S(230 V rated voltage test)

---Hold Up Time: 10 mS(230 V rated voltage test)

---Input Under-voltage Protection Point: 180 V

---Input Under-voltage Recovery Point: 185 V

(Can automatically recover, the backlash is not less than 5V)

---Input Over-current Protection: Yes

(The over-current point is between 130~160A)

---Output Short-circuit Protection: Yes

(Recovery after removal of short circuit)

---Input Over Temperature Protection: Yes

(When the temperature switch is higher than 100 degrees, protect, turn off the 12V output, and the temperature can be restored automatically below 65 degrees centigrade.)

---Operating Temperature: -40~+50Full Load (Typical value is 25 )

---Storage Temperature: -40~+85(Typical value is 25 )

---Operating Humidity: 5~95% Frost-free

---Storage Humidity: 0~95% Frost-free

---MTBF: 50000 H (Typical value is 25 )

---Altitude: 5000 m (Normal Work)

---Heat Dissipation Mode: Air Blast Cooling



1. 1600W ultra-high power, conversion efficiency of 90 +.

2. Excellent stability.

3. Power is 1600w conversion efficiency of 90 +, is 12V multi-channel. 12V rated power 1500W, 1600w conversion efficiency after the formation of 1500w, the machine is 1600w rated program full.

4. Can bring 6 graphics card actual graphics interface is 12.

5. Compatible with 370/470/380/480/580/1060/1070.


Mining machine power supply
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Mining machine power supply


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